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How to Merge All .csv Files In a Folder On Windows

How to Merge All .csv Files In a Folder On Windows

Imagine you have a lot of .csv files to merge in a Windows folder. It'd take a decent amount of time to do this manually. With Python pandas, you can make quick work of this task and merge all .csv files using the following recipe.

Special thanks to fmaume for submitting this recipe.

Merge all .csv files in a folder

# glob is a library to find pathnames using regex patterns
import glob
import pandas as pd
# Folder containing the .csv files to merge
file_path = "G:\\Dropbox\\to merge"
# This pattern \\* selects all files in a directory
pattern = file_path + "\\*"
files = glob.glob(pattern)
# Import first file to initiate the dataframe
df = pd.read_csv(files[0],encoding = "utf-8", delimiter = ",")
# Append all the files as dataframes to the first one
for file in files[1:len(file_list)]:
df_csv = pd.read_csv(file,encoding = "utf-8", delimiter = ",")
df = df.append(df_csv)
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